Thursday, 26 May 2016

Lucy - KZN130 Hilux Surf: Introduction

This is Lucy - '94 Toyota Hilux Surf - daily driver, work horse, sleeping quarters.

I bought her in September 2012 from a guy called Darren in North London. He was the second UK owner after import from Japan in 2006 and, being a mechanic for Mercedes, knew his stuff and looked after her tremendously. The folder of service information burst at the clasp (not just because he'd used cereal box card for the oil service check offs). He'd done loads of big service items, and modified with roof bars, auxiliary veg oil fuel tank, custom sub and tool box with 240V inverter for a playstation and some screens. I duly took it all out as it was smelly and took up a lot of space.

Garage and driveway maintenance - both every day and inevitable high mileage replacements and refurbs - include: cooling system, turbo, head, clutch, calipers and brake lines, AC rad, PAS pump and pipes, HP fuel pump, suspension bushes, tailgate window mech. I've fitted extended diff and trans breathers, new wheels and tyres, waxoyled the chassis and door cavities, removed the roof bars and chrome bull bar, changed the rear seat fixings for quick release, installed new audio equipment and rear 12V USB charging, rebuilt the sub / storage box. I'll post some individual jobs and trips separately, some specs below:
  • 3.0D 1KZTE Engine
  • 5 Speed Manual Trans
  • Twin Speed Transfer Box and switchable 4WD
  • Non diff'd transfer so four wheels solely reserved for slippy stuff
  • 2" lift springs, original switchable Hard/Soft dampers and no body lift
  • 285/75R16 126Q Kumho KL71 MT Tyres , 8x16 Black Modular Steelies

To begin with, Lucy shared duties with my VTR'd '95 Citroen AX, and Cindy, the MX5.

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